A New Car

A couple of weeks ago we said bye to Mario (the (old) turquoise Italian!) and hello to Shinobi, the (almost new) Japanese Ninja ;) (I’m not sure how we got into naming cars – Mario / Mazza was the first to have a name!)


We’re extremely pleased with the Yaris (only 3 years old – The newest car either of us have had by far!) although I was sad to leave Mario there – But, today Dan sent me a picture saying he had seen Mario at the garage where we part exchanged him was told it been spruced up and is going to a new owner tomorrow – So now I don’t feel so bad!!

Meanwhile, I’ve been putting my driving shoes back on and have had a couple of goes around the industrial estate remembering how to drive. I like the feel of this car, the Mazda was just too light for my liking! So with a bit more time/practice I should be back in the driving saddle…

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