August – Now

Since I last blogged in August life has turned upside down and fallen apart.

Mid August I was on a flight out to Crete as my Dad had been admitted to hospital. My ticket was for 2 weeks. I’ve been here 5 months. He died at the end of October. I’m half stranded in Greece with 6.5 cats to look after and taxes/laws/inheritance to deal with.

I didn’t know that life could just come in and take over and re-root everything you knew quite as fast as that.

For my 30th Birthday, I never got to do the party I had planned, Dad was on the operating table for 10hrs for an open heart op on the 12th Sep. The doctors had told me they didn’t expect him to survive it. But he did. THAT was my 30th birthday present from Dad.

But then, after all that, when he was meant to be on the road to recovery things started sliding downhill. He died on the 23rd October, I was with him. I repatriated him back to the UK to be buried next to my Mum.

So now?

I’m going back to England mid Jan to help Danny and the pets move out of the Annexe as I can’t keep both places going. (Mortgage on the Greek house which falls to me to pay so can’t afford UK rent). Also the cats, I refuse to part with them so need to, at some point, get them on a flight to England so that we can all live together under 1 roof again. (Yes, Rodents, Bird and Feline – A great combination I’ll have on my hands). Me and Dan… are back to the long-distance relationship game until we work something out. But at least we’ve had a lot of practice at it.

I skype with Danny and Billy Bird almost every day. Thankfully Billy is doing fine with just Dan there for him, and because he sees me on skype there are no problems when I last resurfaced in Wiltshire after the funeral.

I can still do the “day job”, thank goodness. I would sit and work in the hospital every day. Other than that, on warm days I spend a lot of time gardening. I’m baking/cooking a lot. And enjoying trips to the beach to collect driftwood. I can find moments when I’m actually content here. But Dan won’t move here so that almost-ideal-solution is a no-go.

I’m having trouble picking up my paintbrush as the last time I worked in the sketchbook was back when life was good. But, I am half-showing an interest in my camera. And have been doing some work in the Zazzle store.

I don’t really know how life is going to pan out now. I am dreaming of the future, I have some longer-term plans to keep me going through this time, but we’ll see what happens. 1 thing is for sure – I will and I am surviving this. And everything will be ok in the end. (Though at times that’s difficult to remember).

I don’t know if I will blog much now, for the moment, with everything so muddled, but the last few days have re-emerged on Instagram so you never know…

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