Baby Ratties

We have been patiently waiting to get some new ratties over the last couple of months. We decided to go with a private breeder instead of the pet shop this time, and over the last 5 weeks we have been visiting a rattery in Swindon almost weekly, to see these boys growing up…

They went from teeny little blobs on our first visit…


to recognizable creatures on the 3rd visit, when we choose who we wanted… That’s Ruben on the left with the badger markings, and Rory on the right having a cuddle with me.


Yesterday we visited again and they’ve turned into proper mischievous little rats now ;) A 3rd rat has been selected as well…. Robin!

That’s Robin on the left, Ruben in the middle and Rory’s gigantic ear and head stretching forward… They wouldn’t sit still enough to get everyone in the photo at once, we did try a few times!!


They get to come home on Satuday, we cannot wait! It’s been lovely to see them growing up and developing, obvoiously with Reggie & Randy we never had baby photos of them so this had been a treat! Every time we have visited we have spoken about the cuteness of everyone alllllll the way home.

Roll on Saturday and welcoming the new arrivals :)

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