We went to Baththe other weekend – It was supposed to be a “day trip” but after going to bed rather late the night before it turned into an afternoon trip!!

I wanted to check out a craft fair held their which I was thinking of signing up for… Well, let’s say I no longer want to sign up for it! At a table cost of £45 I was kinda expecting some class to the event… Instead it had a very church/school hall  feel, extremely small with everyone tightly packed in, unhappy looking vendors plus we actually walked past the place once when looking for it – Not good!

So after the craft fair had been decided it was time for a wander. I’d never been to Bath before and must say I really like it. Lots of tiny independant tea rooms and arty/crafty/gift shops… I was in heaven but unfortunately had no money to spend so a trip back is deffinately on the books!

We didn’t do any sightseeing / museum visits on this trip due to lack of money, time and my inability to walk without limping. (Don’t ask… Skipping Rope… Me being totally unfit… and then tripping over the vacuum cleaner which Danny left sticking out at the bottom of the stairs = 2 weeks of not being able to walk properly because of my ankle.)  But we did see the Cathedral.

We were going to go to Sally Lunn’s famous tearoom for a Sally Lunn Bun but when we arrived they were queing out of the door so I said ok… Let’s pick another tearoom. Well we did and oh-my-god what an experience!! I didn’t quite realize what we were letting ourselves in for when we entered!

The people at the next table had a cake stand full of cucumber sandwiches, scones and cake – That cost £12.00. Danny is looking at me at this point and saying ‘I don’t want any cake’ as he had seen the prices. But I said we couldn’t just go in their for a pot of tea – So I had a slice of cake.

Our next battle was in ordering a pot of tea. There were a choice of about 8 tea blends. I don’t usually get this choice… It was daunting. In the end we went for the Wiltshire Special  as  it sounded least posh… I’m not an Earl Grey kinda girl! So the tea arrives in the teapot – fine… but then out come the dainty, vintage china cups and tea strainer. We are the kind of people who make tea with a teabag in a mug. I vaguely knew what to do but hadn’t ever actually poured tea from a teapot before, especially when it involved a tea strainer! I was very self-conscious of people at the other tables looking at us… They probably weren’t but it felt like they all knew what to do and we were the stupid, clumsy ones who weren’t quite sure what to do.

The tea was actually rather good once we had it in the cup… and I might like to buy a teapot and loose tea and a dainty china cup for afternoon tea drinking in future! I guess the whole experience could have been worse – We might not have realized there were loose tealeaves in the pot and poured straight into the cup. Not sure what we would have done then! I won’t tell you what the pot of tea and cake cost… Let’s just say we were paying for the experience… One which will remain with us for a long time!

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