Beauty in Nature Book

You may remember me mentioning months ago that I was working on a coffee table book… Well, on Wednesday I finally glued myself to the chair and didn’t move until it was finished :)

Beauty in Nature; Flowers by Emele Photography

(If you click the photo you can take a virtual flick through and see some of the images inside…)

I’d already done the majority of the work back in April when I ordered the “original” but it needed a few tweaks here n there (because I’m a perfectionist) which I kept putting off and putting off and then I got bogged down with freelance work and then… You get the idea!

So I’m very happy to say you can now purchase the Beauty in Nature; Flowers book from Blurb either in soft-cover format or hardback. Shipping is worldwide, and actually very affordable, so no issue on that front either. :)

One of these would make a beautiful gift for a flower lover this Christmas… At least 1 person on my Xmas shopping list will be receiving one this year if not the whole family ;)

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