Butterfly Pin

Well Etsy finally got ahold of me – I’d been so good before, resisting temptation for all the pretty things I’ve seen over the last couple of weeks but then I realized I needed some feedback… and found something that I could give as a small gift.  So shopping I went!

This morning I received this – All packaged up nicely in a teeny tiny box with a purple ribbon… I kinda didn’t want to open the box because it looked so cute but I eventualy did…

It’s a butterfly pin for Danny’s mum from Etsy seller la cravatte du chien. Nik loves butterflies hmm, and dragonflies and fairies – Anything with wings so that it can fly away.

She doesn’t wear much jewelry so I had to bypass all of the gorgeous butterfly and bird earrings but thought a pin would be ok – She can put it on her shirt / coat / bag. Isn’t it pretty? I hope she’ll like it…

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