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I have started a new blog project – The Creative Artists Blog. I know, I know another “website”… I just can’t help myself!! So that’s… 4.5 sites now. The .5 coming from the half completed but not live photography gallery site.

Anyway… the new blog is for me to be able to feature talented artists/photographers work that I find on my travels through Zazzle and

Redbubble. It’s all very well for me to add them to my favorites and say “I love that!” but I want to actually be able to share my finds – For other people to see how amazingly creative and talented these people are.

It will also be where I share my photography news… post my latest pics so if you like to see my photography that’s usually posted here please head over to the creative artists blog so you won’t miss anything!

In time I also plan to do interviews with selected people, a little peek into there creative lives… These will be the people who’s galleries I look at and love everything, where choosing 1 favorite is impossible!

If you are on zazzle or redbubble or even greeting card universe and want to have your work featured just drop me a note in the comments over on the other site and I’ll take a look at your gallery/work :)

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