Emele the Writer

Is it possible? Could I be a writer?

I found a website called Helium for freelance writers and wrote an article for the marketplace… Will have to wait and see if it gets published. I wrote it because there is/was the chance of $40 if it gets published and I found the subject interesting! Did you really think I would write without the motivation of possible $$?

I actually rather enjoyed writing… Suprised myself! Was good exercise for the brain cells… a change from coding html. So I will write some more in my space time and see what happens…

Now then… Danny is the aspiring writer so I don’t want to steal his dream… but when I sent him the piece to read over and “tidy up” he said he didn’t really know what he could add or change to it. So that was rather good… He never knew I could write! But I do still want his help… Mr Studying for his English Degree Clever Person! He’s going to be the famous, published, books on sale in Borders person in this relationship :)


Guess what, Guess what!!! (Yep Reallly Excited)

The article I wrote… about Dominican Republic Cuisine… they bought it! $40 all for me just for a bit of writing. I am so chuffed right now… and Danny the “writer” is proud of his girl :)

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