In The Sketchbook

I’ve been re-discovering my creativity with the help of watercolors and am doing an online class at the moment called Create Daily by the wonderful artist Alisa Burke. Although I’m not following allllll of the prompts and not quite creating daily (I usually fall behind on weekends or get distracted wanting to paint other things!) I am thoroughly enjoying it and will be taking more of Alisa’s classes in the coming months.

Each week I’m hoping to be able to show you a peek in to my sketchbook… The pieces I’m happy enough to have seen in public ;) Here’s the good stuff from the past week that I shared on Instagram.

Birthday doodle in the #sketchbook

A design that popped into my head last night whilst watching TV. This may turn into a Zazzle design, watch this space ;)

From the weekend... #artjournal #art #sketchbook

The best of the strawberry sketches I did on Saturday.

First outdoor scene... #sketchbook  #artjournal

First time doing art on location (even if the location was just 2mins from home!). Bowood Golf Course, Wiltshire.

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