Inspired to blog

I may be talking to myself here, but that’s nothing unusual… Now that I have a little more free times on my hands from the “day job” I have suddenly been inspired to start blogging again. Documenting my life, sharing photos… although at the time I may think I can’t be bothered, I really enjoy looking back over the old posts to see how life has been shaping up.

So, a new blog design is now up and running, this is more photo-friendly. So on those days/weeks/months when I either don’t have any words to say, or don’t have the time to say them, I can still share snippets of life via the camera thanks to the Instagram importer.

Pre-Christmas, life was too hectic with the day job to keep everything going, the money was great, but the hours meant I had little time to do anything else. I literally would work, eat (most of the time this meant Dan putting something frozen in the oven) try to keep up with my own work (photos, zazzle, the other blog) then crash out and sleep. I was struggling to keep all the balls (projects) up in the air and slowly, slowly they all fizzled to a halt.

I was thinking that I couldn’t carry on like that, and would need to ask to reduce my “day job” hours – But then the universe took over and work slowed down in February ;) At first it was too slow, I didn’t know what to do with the extra time, and worried about money but now I’m remembering how life used to be…  a slower pace is good, time to explore my own work and pick everything back up again. I’ve even picked up a paintbrush and feel as if this could become the new thing for me…

I’m back and ready to blog ;) But first, a lot to fill you in on from the last few months…

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