Light Tent

I got myself a new toy! A  light tent / light box … A proper non homemade one! (I did try to make one a few years ago using a cardboard box and white paper but it just wasn’t happening!)

Sooo when I received my latest payment for my stock photos from Shutterstock I put the money back into the business and got myself kitted out properly :)

That’s basically my setup… Note the huge trumpet lightbulbs… they were expensive (£20) but are so so good and sooooo bright. I might get another lamp in time that’s taller and I really need a better tripod as that lil one barely holds the DSLR sized camera.

But for the moment I’m very pleased – I already got some photos accepted at the micro stock photo sites AND already had some downloads :)

You can see the already accepted photos that are available for sale/download at Shutterstock and CanStock. There’s a pic of puzzle pieces and shoe details and tool accessories: nails n stuff.

Here are some of the photos I took today that need to be edited/submitted… (Click to enlarge)

The plan is that having the light tent and being able to take more photos will get me back on track for one of my 2012 Goals which is to get 200 images accepted this year at shutterstuck and of course should mean more money which can be put towards the new camera. :)

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