Looking Back on 2012

2012 turned out to be quite a suprise, in a really good way :)

It started off  kinda slow, as normal, with me working on my photography and article writing but then from August onwards it all started to pick-up speed and something unexpected started to happen and my “working life” took (another) change in direction with me freelancing for various people/companies over at Odesk. It wasn’t on my ” to do list” and I needed 2 nudges to take the oppotunity but I’m so glad I did… Sounds a bit cliche but Odesk changed my life ;) I now have regular money in the bank each month, still get to work from home and more importantly still get to sell my photography via the online shops. Win-Win on all sides.

But let’s start from the beginning and look back over the year…


Lots of work goals/ideas for the New Year.

Also a lot of Kitten poo – 2 poorly kittens = not fun.

Started selling at Society6


Rethymnon Carnival.

Redesigned the Creative Artist’s Blog


Struggled some more with CPU/hosting issues and finally moved this blog over to its new host to fix the problem.


I was left to “fend for myself” and look after the cats in Crete as my Dad went on holiday to England. Danny came out a week later for his holiday – Thankfully the gale where the heating oil tank detached itself from the roof happened when he was with me.

Returned to England (found an egg on the plane!)

Bought my light tent and started taking isolated stock photos for Shutterstock.

Got my first “test” photo book printed at Blurb. Then took months to finalize it…


Started working on my “Beach Love” range of prints


What Did I do in June? Nothing to write about/remember obviously!!


Started to get freelance work via Odesk. My first job was for Canon Copiers researching/writing about industries in Wales and Warwickshire towns. The next job was writing articles for the UK Seal Sanctuaries, this prompted me to start giving money each month to the seal sanctuary in Cornwall.

Mickey mouse was loved and lost.

Moved my remaining websites over to the new host.

My hotmail email account got hacked :( This prompted a new gmail account and changing of all passwords.

Finished the Cats jigsaw puzzle.


Freelance work for Dinosaur Blog, and Dog Collars Website.


Crazy Busy Month!

On the 1st my friend Sandi got married – and she asked me to do the photography.

My birthday was on the 12th and I turned 28. This was the month that I took on slightly too much of the freelance work (Hotel/travel blog posts and then got head-hunted for work with a SEO company – Couldn’t say no!) but ended up overworked and underpaid working 7 days a week just to keep on top of it all. Never again… unless the money is out-of-this-world!!

At the end of the month we finally managed my delayed birthday outing to London and the Natural History Museum with a brief stop at the Science Museum too.


1st October and we were off to Cardiff and the Dr Who Experience. Oct was also Danny’s birthday and I “bought” him a Mongoose (sponsored at Cotswold Wilflife Park for the year!).

Started to uncover my family history on my Dads side of the family. For about 3 weeks I was very into this project but then I got as far back as the mid 1700’s and came to a dead end.

Introduced “Santa Cat” Christmas cards to my Etsy store.

The Polo got scrapped – Felt rather sad as I never got to say bye to it! Didn’t know that when I drove to Heraklion airport in April I wouldn’t be seeing/driving it again.

At the end of the month I was again headhunted (love it when that happens!) and began freelancing for another company – We literally could see the money rolling in… Quite amazing.


Bought my DSLR camera :)

Did the customary Cambridge trip to see friends/family and deliver xmas presents.

This was the month I earned more than my boyfriend :) Wasn’t too far behind him for Dec earnings either!


Returned to Crete for the Winter.

My Dad got a new old car.

Started making granny squares over Christmas for a blanket… May or may not be completed by Dec 2013!!

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