Meet Ruben, Rory and Robin

So, two weeks ago the ratty boys finalllly got to come home! They’re so cute, and so much fun. We were like 2 excited kids the day before and the morning we got them.  They’ve settled in well and we’re learning their personalities so let me introduce you…

This is Rory. He’s a Russian Blue Berkshire (Double Rex so he has curly whiskers and is developing his special bald patches – It’s all normal, he doesn’t have mange!!) He’s the shy but greedy one. Loves his food and does enjoy coming out to play but lets his brothers try new things first before he joins in.


This is Robin. He’s a true brother of Rory – He is a single Rex so still has the curly whiskers and curly/coarse fur but won’t have any bald patches as he gets older.  He’s the laid back ratty, likes cuddles, isn’t bothered about being the leader of the gang, happy to chillax and follow the crowd in a nice docile manner!


Ruben meanwhile, is the adopted brother (from a different litter) he’s a smooth coat and we think looks rather like a badger so we call him badger rat! This little one is crazy. Sooo fast, loves to explore and is almost always the one who tries the new place/game/food first. He gets his brothers over-excited, clambers all over me in a frenzy… He’s very intent on getting inside my mouth and tries to pull my lips apart. I usually squirm and/or laugh in his face so he runs off – for 3 minutes before having another go.


It’s so much fun to have pet rats back in the house again :)

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