Mounted Prints

I’m in the process of adding mounted prints to my Etsy shop… I’ve had the mounts since my failed attempts at craft fairsĀ  last year but have only just now gotten around to listing them for sale online… Sometimes it takes me a while to get moving with things!

So far I’ve listed the Courtyard Plants and Dandelion with the Greek Urn print will be going online tomorrow…They are 8×8 prints mounted in 10×10 cream mounts with backing board.

Still to list are 10×12 mounts with the poppy field print, speedwell wildflowers, beach pebbles and cats so keep an eye out over the next week or so.

What do you think of the photos? It’s kinda hard to take photos of photos… especially in the dim light of this house but with the help of photoshop I think they look rather good… simple yet stylish, I’d buy one ;)

On other news I’m playing round with the shopping cart / ecommerce software Zencart… Let’s just say it’s a learning curve but I’m sure I’ll get there eventually… WordPress which powers all of my blogs took a while to figure out after all!

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