New Camera!

Exciting news here – I’ve finallllly bought a new camera – My first DSLR and it’s a Nikon D5100. I’ve been waiting/saving for this for well over a year (dreaming about it for longer!) and finally on Friday I placed the order and it arrived on Monday :)

A little bit of a learning curve from my bridge camera but nothing too drastic – I’ve figured out what all the buttons do and almost figured out the menu setup ;)

Monday it was raining and dark outside by the time I’d got everything figured out and charged the battery so I had to be content with taking photos of the Monkee and Reggie Rat.

But today I got outside for a few moments between the freelancing work :)

The pics below are straight off the camera minus some cropping/resizing – You might not be able to tell from the small web size (if you click on the pics they can be enlarged a little) but I can really see an improvement in capturing colors and am loving the lack of noise/grainyness.

Looking forward to a proper photo taking mini trip on Friday or Saturday to capture some more Autumn’ness to really give the cam a test drive :)

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