Paris Monday

Part 4

Our last day in Paris… Not even a full day :(

Our Room / Kitchenette at Citea Paris Quea d’Ivry. (I would highly recommend staying here, it was an hour from the center but for the price we couldn’t complain and would 100% go back again!)

After finishing off the packing, taking photos of the room (should have done it when we arrived when it was un-lived in!) and washing up with shower gel (hey, they didn’t provide washing up liquid!!) we thought we would make full use of the paid room and stay until chucking out time – 11am. But after trying to read I grew restless – I’m just not good on “travel days” because I get restless and anxious and hate waiting around! So we checked out at 10.30am and headed off to see the Jarden des Plantes.

They have several museums at the gardens (including the Natural History Museum) but we didn’t go in – Next time! We just had a sit down (the feet were still in pain!) and did a spot of people watching then a wander around… Pretty gardens, slightly random statues… It was good – I only wish my feet weren’t so destroyed and I wasn’t “waiting for the flight” so that I could have enjoyed it a little more – Yes I still had “pre travel nerves”. Maybe when we go back Danny can go round all the museums and I’ll get snap happy with the camera in the gardens!

So we made our way back on the metro to Gare de l’est around and then needed to find the bus stop – I thought it would simply be on the opposite side of the road to where we got off but no, it was up another street. We found it easily enough though thanks to a map outside the station.

We waited maybe an hour at the bus stop – The first number 350 bus went past us as we didn’t quite realize we needed to flag it down – So we then had to wait another half hour for another bus — This time we knew what to do and were soon on our way to the airport.

The Roissypole bus was pretty much empty all the way with only workers getting on/off. Once again it took forever – Over an hour – But for 5.20 euro each (the cheapest public transport to the city), who cares?!

So we finallllly got to the airport, had to wait for ages as I “might” have thought our flight was an hour earlier than it actually was, plus we had given ourselves plenty of time to get there – Too much time infact but you know me, prefer to be early than rush around!

McDonalds was visited, people watching was done, the check-in desk was finally opened. Tickts were handed over… and the departure gate was found.

I set the metal detector off and was frisked. I’m not used to this… All the other airports I’ve been too have those hand-held metal detector stick like things which they just wave over you and it beebs when it hits a watch/belt etc. No not Charles de Gaulle – The woman had a good old feel of me! The interesting thing is, I was wearing exactly the same clothes I had worn to fly out of Bristol –
Which makes me think different airports have a different tolerance level of metal. Very strange.

So that was that… We waited in our tiny departure lounge which didn’t have toilets and thought ourselves lucky that we weren’t delayed 3 hours like the Belfast flight. When everyone started queing up and the plane wasn’t outside I was slightly concerned – Danny not being a frequent flyer like moi said “it’ll be that one over there look” – Points 3 tunnels down. But I was like umm no – Our tunnel is connecting to thin air right now – Where is our plane?!!! But it turned up – and indeed turned around verrry quickly – I’m sure the pilots barely had time for a break before they had to fly off again — Gotta love budget airlines!

So that was that. Our return journey home was by far simplar than the bus-train-bus-plane-bus-train-walk thing we had to do going out as Danny’s parents picked us up with the new addition to the family, puppy Sid, in the back.

We’ve now been back almost 3 weeks and it seems like forever ago that we were in Paris. It went far too quickly. A trip back is definately on the cards, a longer trip too, maybe in a few years… with more money so we can do all the paid sight-seeing things!

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