Paris Sunday Afternoon

Part 3b.

We made our way to Notre Dame cathedral, I only realllly wanted to go because of the  free entry and because it’s one of those things that everyone goes to see so I wanted to see it too! I’m not even religious, and Danny even less so than me but I’m so glad we went. It is an amazing building, I never realized the detail that had gone into it before…

I was a bit disappointed with myself for not taking better photos inside, because the architecture is just jaw-dropping amazing – My head was aimed up looking at the ceiling most of the time we were there! But I’m not a pro photographer and low-lighting situations (you couldn’t use flash) I haven’t really got the hang of yet. So those above & below are my best photos, and favorites. For great photos of the roof  inside you’ll have to use Google!!

I had a bit of a panic coming out of the cathedral, Danny has come out ahead of me to smoke and he left me inside to finish photo taking. But then when I came out I couldn’t see him anywhere – There must have been atleast 200 people out the front. EEEEK. So I just kinda stood there… trying to pick out a black cap and a brown backpack from the crowd. Eventually I spotted him. I felt very relieved as he had all the money, the train tickets and I was beginning to think omg I’m lost!!

So after Notre Dame we wondered past the Shakespeare and Co bookshop (a book lovers dream place!) then onto the St Severin church which I wanted to see because I knew it had rather cool (and free) gargoyles. (We didn’t pay to go up the tower to see the Notre Dame ones – Next time maybe!)

Next it was onto the Pantheon but we were kinda too tired to really appreciate / enjoy it once we had walked all the way there! Never the less, after a sit on the steps, we paid to go inside (the most expensive thing we had paid to see at 9euro each) but I was kinda like “well now we’re here we are going in”!

More amazing architecture but I think because I’d just been inside the cathedral and taken tons of photos of that I was feeling a bit “can’t be bothered” camera wise…. and brain wise for that matter!  I didn’t realize until we were outside again that somehow you can climb up to the roof – (see the railing around the dome in the photo below?) I would have liked to have done that… If it would have
actually happened is another story though as my feet/legs were beyond climbing steps.

Exhaustion had well and truly set in and we could no longer appreciate what we were seeing so it was time to head back to the hotel and – sob – pack as it was our last night in Paris :(

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