Paris Sunday Morning

Part 3a.

Sunday morning (a wet sunday morning) and we were on a mission… To find Danny some cigarettes. Setting off from the hotel in the morning we didn’t know what a mission this would turn into. Sure, I hadn’t really seen anywhere selling them the previous day but then we were in tourist land and we hadn’t exactly been on the lookout. The non-tourist streets of Paris seemed like a good place to search…

In Greece cigarettes are sold at Kiosks (atleast 1 on every street corner!) and in smaller supermarkets. I thought France would be similar. But noooo supermarkets don’t sell them. Petrol stations don’t sell them. Not a kiosk to be seen. So it turned into a bit of a mystery – Where do French people buy cigarettes from? As far as I knew the French were as big a smoking nation as the Greeks so it seemed very strange not to be able to buy them.

We stumbled across this rather ornate fountain whilst on our mission… But that still didn’t help Danny who I was teasing by saying oh dear, you better just give up smoking now then if we can’t find any!

But he wasn’t so willing. We were on a desperate hunt for a marroon colored sign that said Tabac… We found lots of these, seen from a distance they looked promising but upon further inspection each and everyone was closed, with no opening times posted in the window. So we would walk the streets some more… Looking for that pink sign…We must have walked upto 6 of them before we finally found one that was open – Possibly the only one open within miles? A picture just had to be taken!

Yep, it turns out a Tabac is a place to buy cigarettes and/or to sit down and have a drink… I think they also sold scratch cards for some type of lottery and possibly even newspapers but don’t quote me on that part.

So, now that someone was happy again our sight-seeing could re-commence but where on earth were we?! Maps were consulted – Plans were re-arranged… We would now be starting our day at Pompidou Art Center… Not to see the art but to make use of their 3euro viewing platform.

See that strange tunnel like thing on the side of the building… It houses esculators (one of which wasn’t working) to get you up to the viewing platform to see Paris. Since we didn’t go up the Eiffel Tower this was my “next best thing” and was perhaps actually better as obviously when you are up the Eiffel Tower you can’t get photos of it in the distance! The only downside was that because it had been raining the windows of the platform were a bit speckled and dirty making photo taking harder… But I did manage to get these…

Next we were off to the big attraction of the day – Notre Dame cathedral…

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