Photo a Day – January

This year I knew I wanted to take more photos – Ironically the job that let me pay for the big posh DSLR camera also took away the hours to play with it! So, as a way to get back into the game I decided to re-visit the photo-a-day challenge. I did a photo-a-day back in 2009 so know how challenging it can be and didn’t really want to put that pressure on myself this time – I want to aim for better photos not rushed photos… But also get connecting with my camera again, playing around, making it fun not an obligation.

So, this time around I have a mixture of instagram photos taken on my Galaxy phone plus photos from the DSLR. Some days I’ll use these challenge prompts for inspiration, other days it’s one of the pets or what I’m up to. I did miss a few days and some days I took more than 1 photo but listed it as a separate day (yes, basically I’ve cheated) but I’m ok with that ;)

Here’s January…

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