Photos from 2012

This started out as a roundup of 10 photos but when I put them all next to each other some seemed a bit “blah” and 3-4 were really jumping out at me… So it’s a top 4 post of photos I took in 2012!

The first 3 were all taken in March/April with my “old camera” and the last obviously in the Autumn, this time with the new DSLR.

I wasn’t able to get out on many “nature photo trips” in the UK due to my work load and then of course the rubbish weather but I did manage a lot of stock photography… Maybe I should do a post on that next.

Bird of Paradise Urn




I wonder what my favs of 2013 will be…. I may have already taken some of them and we’re only a few days in :)

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