Planning a Party

I will be 30 in September, and to celebrate, I’ve been planning a party… A tea party to be precise! A small gathering of the nearest & dearest who can make it all the way down to Wiltshire. (Apart from Dan’s family everyone else is 1-8 hrs away by car!)

I’ve designed the invites and almost all have been emailed out… I was trying to paint a teapot and teacups but I wasn’t happy with them hence the cupcake going in the bottom corner. The balloons and cupcake were separate pieces you may have seen from previous posts, photoshopped in, then the background and bunting was one with all the details put in when editing. Rather pleased with how it turned out :)


I’ve also been gathering china from charity shops and carboot sales, have started making paper bunting and thinking about the food… It’s turned into a budget party hence making the bunting rather than buying it – and generally doing as much as possible on the cheap as I had a slight shock when doing the tax return this year. :( But, budget can be fun, it means I have to get more creative ;)

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