Poole Visit

The weather was so lovely last week (the summer we never had in August) we decided on a little trip to the coast was in order. So on Saturday off we went to Poole.

We had a day of people watching (I was fascinated by the kids crabbing/fishing and using bacon as bait!), boat watching, Danny doing a spot of imaginary yacht shopping, spending our 2p’s and 10p’s in the arcade and trying very hard to win a £5 that was clinging to the edge. We bought rock (a mint candy to those not in the UK!), ate ice-creams and looked around the shops.

Highlight of the day… Finding a gift shop that was closing down and therefore having a 50% off closing down sale – It was kinda like a cross between a car boot sale and a charity shop (they had gifts and junk in there!!) but we thought it was brilliant and went back twice to buy cheap-cheap things!

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