Stock Photos

Now things have calmed down on the freelance front (for how long I don’t know – Another week before the crazy busy starts up again?!) I’ve been able to start concentrating on my microstock photography again…

I’ve just had a large uploading session to 3 of the sites I submit to and finally got chance to get the lightbox out and get some new “isolated pics” on the go. :)

Yesterday the theme inside the lightbox was chocolate. Dark minty chocolate to be precise.

Shutterstock have accepted some of the series… No doubt it will be popping up at zazzle/etsy in various forms in the future too.

Most of it went back inside the packet for Danny to eat later (he did wonder why it was all broken up!) as I’d already eaten way too much of it the weekend before so was slightly fed up with it!

Useful trick that, gorge yourself on the product days before so when you’re photo’ing it you won’t want to eat the props ;)

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