The Dog and Cat

As some of you know, we have a puppy in the household (6 months old or there abouts) He’s a labrador – Bassett cross called Sidney. The picture below was taken a few days after he came home, when me and Danny were back from Paris.

Looks cute doesn’t he? He’s grown a lot bigger than that now – and is soooo heavy. For a while he could get up the stairs on his own but not down so he would need to be carried down which I found rather difficult. He’s like a solid lump of dog! If he doesn’t want to move it’s difficult to make him… Nudging with ones foot like with a cat has no effect.

Ah yes cats… We also have a Rufus in this household… He’s a stray who started coming here for food last winter and has pretty much decided to stay. On a nice sunny day he’s nowhere to be seen and is probably off hunting – He likes to catch and eat rabbits, starting with the ears and working his way down! (Yes it’s gross!) But on a cold day he can be found on one of the beds, and sometimes at night gets in our bed.

Now before Sidney came along I didn’t realllly get on well with Ru, he is a dribbler and I have this “thing” about dribbling cats. I’m the same with Cleo at home in Crete – Can’t stand it when we’re having a cuddle and then I get cat drool all over me! So Rufus was always more friendly with Danny than me.

The cat and the dog are interested in each other. Sidney more than Rufus perhaps. I think he sees Ru as a play mate but Rufus isn’t impressed. They sit on the stairs (the cat being higher up of course!) and look at each other for ages. But then Sid will get a bit closer, Ru will run away and the chase will begin! Luckily cats are more clever than dogs so Ru knows where to go – On top of the fence, through the fence, onto the bed… Places where Sidney can’t get!

Having Sidney in the household has confirmed one thing for me. I’m 100% a cat person.

I appreciate Rufus much more now – with or without cat gob!! I’m “fond” of Sidney of course, but I wouldn’t ever want a dog of my own. I don’t appreciate that doggy aroma they have, always makes me want to gag. And I don’t appreciate the dog poo, especially when he had an upset tummy and had an “accident” all over our bedroom carpet. That experience was tweeted about! And I like dog drool even less than cat slobber. So you see… I’ve come to the conclusion that…

Cats Rule!

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